As you launch into the selection and hiring process for your open position, you know that the stakes are high. You’re well aware that the price tag for a new hire can be steep, especially when managers factor in travel and relocation expenses as well as training and onboarding costs. You’ll need to pay for the entire process (from post to final interview), regardless of the outcome. And if you find yourself negotiating with an especially talented and valuable candidate, you may need to pony up a large amount to leverage her away from her current employers. So of course you’d rather not make a poor choice and have to start the process over from scratch within a year from now.

But have you also factored in some of the hidden costs of a bad hire? Consider these additional, often overlooked add-ons that will need to come out of your budget if things go wrong.

1. Time and opportunity costs for mentors, trainers, and coworkers.

It usually takes a new employee a little while to get up to speed and start becoming and asset rather than a liability. Even if she steps in the door highly trained, she’ll still need to learn a few things before she can fly solo. And the people who teach her these skills and manage her responsibilities until she can manage them alone will have to be paid for their time– time that would otherwise be spent managing their own jobs.

2. Morale and productivity costs.

If your new hire leaves within a few months, the responsibilities of the position will once again be taken on by your remaining staff. If these employees were already overburdened before you added a new position, you can expect a slight uptick in burnout and resentment.

3. Reputation-related costs.

Happy, thriving, productive employees are those that fit in with your existing culture. If your new employee is a match, then all’s well that ends well. But if he isn’t, and he leaves on bad terms, your workplace reputation can take a hit. As word gets out, talented potential employees may choose not to apply here. On the other hand, if you choose well, your talented new hire will spread the word and elevate the quality of your candidate pool.

For more on how to protect your budget, your company reputation and your workplace productivity from the hassle and expense of a bad hire, make an appointment with the Texas staffing pros at Expert.

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