Your top selection is finally a lock, and now that she’s signed on the dotted line and committed to a start date, your position is filled and your troubles are over. Congratulations on a successful hiring process! Well done…but don’t relax just yet. In order for this arrangement to bring lasting value, your relationship with the new employee will need to start off on the right foot. Here are a few ways to make this happen by creating a strong impression on her first day.

1. Prepare the team. Don’t just let her new coworkers know that she’s coming. Make the start date clear, and make sure each person fully understands the role they’ll play in her acclimation process. Those who will be training her or showing her around the building will need several days of warning so they can put their own work aside and give her their full attention.

2. Prepare her work station. There’s nothing more awkward then showing up on the first day of a new job and having no place to sit, no functional computer, no desk, and no way to engage with the environment around you. In addition to a work station, she’ll need a clear meeting and training schedule that will take her through each hour of the day for at least her first week. Never leave a new employee alone with no sense of direction and nothing to do.

3. Take her to lunch. Her first lunch on her first day should involve sitting down with her new managers in a nice local restaurant. Choose a place that reflects the impression you’re trying to make. Use the opportunity to shine a positive light on the local area. If you can’t manage the first day, make this happen within her first week.

4. Let her clients and vendors know that this change is coming. And keep the transition as smooth as possible by providing them with an alternative resource and a place to take their questions if she can’t answer them just yet.

As always, a positive, fruitful, and lasting relationship will begin with respect and open communication. Make your new employee feels welcome and wanted, and make sure you keep your door open so she can come to you with questions. For more on how to build a strong connection with a new employee, reach out to the TX staffing pros at Expert.

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