Enlisting the support of a staffing agency can help you handle the demands of a busy season or a surge in orders without taking on permanent employees. But the benefits of a staffing partnership don’t end there. A great staffing agency can also help you attract and recruit the highest levels of talent for all of your positions, permanent or temporary, from the entry level to management. Staffing firms can also provide permanent employees on a probationary basis, which can remove some of the risk and expense from the hiring process. But in order to maximize these benefits and get the most out of your partnership, keep these considerations in mind.

Offer Detail

Describe your open position and its requirements as well as possible when you initially meet with your staffing expert. When you provide detailed expectations and explain your needs clearly, you’ll be giving your staffing partner all the tools she needs to find and recruit the perfect candidate for your position. Keep in mind that a great candidate doesn’t just handle the technical demands of the job; she also adapts well to your company culture. Help us find a candidate who will fit in well with your existing teams.

Offer Feedback

If you take on a temporary candidate who doesn’t have the schedule flexibility, cultural aptitude or specific skills you need, let us know. The sooner we understand the problem, the sooner we can pair you with a replacement. And you don’t need to worry about the mismatched candidate. We’ll simply reassign him to another employer or another position that’s better suited to his capabilities. Positive information can also support a strong partnership. If your employee relationship is working perfectly, let us know!

Trust our Experience

Here at Expert, we’ve been building connections and gathering data for many years, and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t during the screening process. Our interview questions are based on research and evidence, and our testing methods have been proven to identify sub-standard, standard, and exceptional proficiency within specific skill areas. We’ll screen candidates before recommending them, and identify red flags so you don’t have to.

Don’t Miss an Opportunity

An effective staffing partnership can reduce the risk associated with the hiring process, it can save time, and it can prevent the hassles and headaches involved in payroll, insurance, and tax reporting. We manage and compensate temporary staffing teams so you don’t have to. And when you’re ready to hire your temporary candidate on a permanent basis, you’ll be free to do so as soon as your contract period comes to an end. Contact the team at Expert and learn more about the benefits of a staffing partnership today.


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