As a hiring or staffing manager, your greatest current challenges may differ widely from the challenges you faced ten years ago. And the obstacles that stand in your path ten years in the future may be beyond the reach of your imagination. But the most important issues are the ones that you’re dealing with right now in 2015, and that list might include some of the following common pitfalls, demands, and hassles involved in the hiring process.

Controlling turnover

The recent recession is fading into the rearview mirror, but its effects on the labor market may linger for a long time to come. A few years back, when jobs were more difficult to come by, candidates often reached for positions that weren’t a perfect match for their ambitions and skill sets. These desperate—and sometimes overqualified—candidates were often hired at a discount. Now that they have other options, many of these star performers are getting back on the market. What can you do to keep them? Start by making sure their salaries are competitive…and more. Then make sure that you’re fulfilling your initial promises of advancement, exposure, and opportunities for professional growth.

Baby boomer retirements

Are you about to face a wave of departing senior employees? Are you ready to fill in the gaps that these employees leave behind, which will typically occur at the highest level of skill, experience, and responsibility? Keep in mind that you can’t replace a senior manager with a 22-year-old graduating member of Generation Z. To keep from missing a beat, you’ll need to build an employment pipeline that allows you to hire from within…or get ready to take on an another senior candidate from outside the company.

Health insurance concerns

Do you employ more than 50 people with full time hours? Have you explored the employer health plan options available through the Health Insurance Marketplace? Make sure your benefit options are compliant with the requirements of the Affordable Care Act, if you haven’t looked into this already.

Workplace branding

In order to hire the best, you’ll have to attract the best. You’ll need to deploy your sourcing and branding resources in a way that grabs the attention of top performers and encourages them to apply. How are you currently reaching out to potential candidates? Are you enlisting the help of professional recruiters and staffing experts? Are you making the most of your best resource: your own existing employees? Offer incentives to those who encourage their friends and family members to submit resumes and joint the team. In the meantime, use social media and other outlets to let the world know that your company is a great place to work.

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