If you’re searching for work or trying to jump start your career, you may be following the standard path: scrolling through job boards and submitting resumes to employers, hoping to land a full-time professional job. You may also be leaning on your network, scheduling informational interviews, and using every other resource at your disposal to gain footing on the first rung of the ladder. But have you also considered enlisting the help of a temporary staffing agency? If you think temp jobs are precarious, low paying, or a mismatch for your skills and potential, it may be time to take another look at this option. Here are a few benefits of temporary work that you may not be taking into account.

Temp work offers a path to the future

You may be searching for work as a full time account manager or marketing pro, and a temp job may seem like a dead end option. After all, why throw yourself into a relationship that’s destined to end within a few weeks? In fact, many employers who hire temps are interested in screening potential employees for full time partnerships. And even if they aren’t, your tenure as a temp employee can still expose you to new contacts, valuable industry experience, and exposure that might be hard to find elsewhere.

Temp work can be specialized

A few generations ago, “temp work” usually meant nothing more than filing or clerical tasks that didn’t involve any specific office or business management skills. But this is no longer the case. Temporary positions can be highly skill-specific, and your training and abilities may find a perfect outlet with your temporary employer. Even better, you may be able to exercise and build these skills during every day that you spend on the job.

Temp jobs can pay more than you might think

Again, because they’re often specialized and require extensive training, temp jobs can pay competitive salaries… and sometimes more. Because your employer may require rare skill sets on short notice and for complex, special-order periods of time, temp work and consulting roles can pay much more per hour than standard full time positions.

Temp jobs bring low risk

If you don’t like your temporary assignment, or you can’t seem to establish a connection with your workplace or your supervisor, don’t worry. Temp jobs require low risk on both sides of the table. Both the candidate and the employer are free to adjust the arrangement at any time, and if the partnership isn’t working, you can simply be reassigned to another client. During your contract period you’ll be working for your temporary staffing agency, so if you need to shift from one location or task to another, this can easily be arranged.

For more information on temporary employment and the benefits this arrangement can bring to your career, reach out to the staffing team at Expert.

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