It’s a reality for every business – sometimes employees choose to leave. And sometimes that’s actually a good thing for your organization; however, from time to time, you may not want to let certain talent go.

Go the extra mile to keep your top employees.

Today’s economy has created a talent war, and right now the competition could be poaching your best performers. When a top employee chooses to leave, here are three ways you can salvage some positive from a departing employee:

  1. Get to the heart of the issue. Sometimes employees–for whatever reason–decide that it’s time to move on. But there are frequently concrete reasons why an employee chooses to leave. Could it be financial? Is there a workplace bullying problem in your organization? Have you provided enough opportunities for advancement? Have an honest heart-to-heart with the departing employee to determine the true reason for leaving. You may be able to resolve the issue and retain that employee, but at the very least, you can gain some insightful feedback into your organization and its flaws.
  2. Talk to other employees. Be careful here, as you don’t want to encourage an environment of gossip within your office. But, speaking to other members of your team may shed some light on why this particular employee has chosen to leave. The responses you gain here may have to be taken with a grain of salt – if the employee is moving upward, it could cause feelings of bitterness and resentment among the team. In that case, move swiftly to encourage a positive team environment. A teambuilding exercise or happy hour (at the very least) may be in order.
  3. Make a counter-offer. Careful not to shoot from the hip here, but if you feel strongly that the employee is worth every effort to keep at your company, you may wish to make a counter-offer to rival or surpass any financials offered by the employee’s new boss.

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