Ever make a bad hire? One that caused employees to whisper, “Who hired that guy?” Sometimes despite your best efforts, bad hires are made. And they’re not only embarrassing, they are costly!

Finding top talent is essential.

Save yourself the time- and cost-burden associated with bad hires by taking the time and effort to source candidates more effectively. Here are three best practices to help you get started:

1. Don’t place all your eggs in one (resume) basket. Are you looking for executives? Professional talent? Light industrial? There’s one thing all of these candidates have in common – none of them are professional resume writers. Look for achievements and other essential information, and by all means use resumes as a screening tool. But, don’t necessarily dismiss a candidate based solely on his or her resume. You could be missing out on a future superstar…who ended up with your competitor!

2. Focus. Focus. Focus. Your job board postings, that is. Monster and Careerbuilder reach a lot of candidates – and that’s the problem. They sure do reach a lot of candidates. And guess what? Most of them aren’t qualified (or even interested) in your job posting! Instead of spending your budget on big-name job boards, search instead for niche job boards focusing on one or two areas of expertise. You’ll reach more highly engaged professionals, and ones who are more likely to be interested in and qualified for your opening.

3. Look outside the job posting. Ever see a resume and think, “Geesh, too bad he isn’t right for this job?” Then you passed it by? Big mistake! When you spot a potential good hire, whatever the position, don’t pass that person by. Instead, see if you can expand the scope of the job opening to accommodate this A-quality talent. Or talk to upper management to see if there is a possibility of an opening that matches this person’s qualifications. Don’t miss out on a star player simply because of the narrow scope of a job posting.

Don’t make bad hires!
These tips will help you get started, but to minimize the risks of a bad hire, and save costs while improving productivity, contact Expert Staffing. Our expert recruiting team will do the hard work of sourcing and hiring for you – letting you focus on your business.

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