During the resume review and interview process, the conversation between an employer and a potential employee flows in two directions. But unfortunately, too many employers don’t recognize the balance of this equation. While candidates strive to impress, these employers tend to lean back and take a evaluative role. If they fall into this trap, they fail to court the most talented applicants and miss opportunities to pitch the benefits of their organizations and workplaces.

Try not to let this happen during your selection process. Remember that as you judge and compare your applicants, they’re also weighing what you have to offer and comparing your company with your competitors. Don’t just keep the conversation focused on your own needs and demands. Gather data and build a case that’s tailored around the needs and preferences of each candidate your interview. Keep these tips in mind.

1. Use the resume first.

When you decide to call a specific candidate in for an interview, have your team comb through the candidate’s resume and cover letter in search of any information that will reveal his or her personal goals and workplace needs. Where is she looking to take her career over the next five years? Will he probably be interested in an on-site gym, a daycare center, or a flex-time policy? Underline all hints and clues in red and work these into a personalized pitch.

2. Use your phone interviews to sharpen your message.

During initial phone screenings, keep your conversation efficient and short and avoid opened-ended or vague questions. Ask the employee directly about the length of her potential commute. Will she need or expect transportation assistance? If she’s out of state, will she need help with moving expenses? Will she need workplace accommodations? Is she interested in the cultural offerings in your area?

3. Deliver your pitch during the in-person interview.

Once you’ve gathered the data you need to make a tight, focused case, deliver this pitch during your interview. If you can accommodate any of her needs or help her meet her career goals by providing the exposure, experience, and opportunity she’s looking for, now is the time to say so.

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