Your newly hired employees may not tell you this directly (in fact, they’ll probably do everything they can to hide it), but the first week in a new job can inspire high levels of anxiety. And the first impressions your employees receive during this busy week, both positive and negative, can last for years. If you want your new worker to feel welcome, find a rhythm, thrive, and stay for at least one year (which you do), keep these tips in mind. If you want them to start making contributions as soon as possible, you’ll need to bend over backwards to create the environment and offer the training and acclimation they need.

Avoid three unpleasant scenarios for new employees.

Do everything you can to avoid these three awkward scenes: A) Your new employee is standing in a hallway while someone scrambles to figure out where their workstation will be (and then find a computer, desk, and chair for said workstation). B) Your employee has no projects to work on, nobody to meet with, and no one to turn to with questions, since their direct supervisor is busy or on vacation. C) Your employee is ignored or treated rudely by their would-be coworkers…for any reason at all, even a simple misunderstanding.

Create an hour-by-hour schedule for the first week.

Most of these moments can be avoided if you take the time to create a first week schedule that covers every hour of the day for the new employee. At all times, they should have some idea of where they are expected to be and what they should be working on or studying.

Smooth the introduction process.

Everyone who will work with the new employee should be notified of their arrival well in advance. They should know the date the new employee will be showing up and their name, and they should have a general understanding of what they will be working on. If their work will involve others in any way, they should know exactly how this will happen and what will be expected of them. Assign a specific person to meet the new employee in the reception area. This person will show them to her their station and introduce them to others in the office.

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