Employers in tech fields are facing a shortage of top candidates, and if you’re sitting on the employer side of the table, this means you’ll have to sharpen your game in order to compete for the attention of the most qualified applicants. Keep these tips in mind as you move forward.

1. Go to the source.

The first step to any successful staffing process is called sourcing, or developing a strategy that can target your post and your pitch to the most promising and competitive audience. If you were a restaurateur looking for a great chef, you’d target your post to recent graduates of top culinary schools…and the same rules apply to tech employers. Avoid broad, national online job boards that will attract an avalanche of unqualified resumes, and go right to the pipeline where the best candidates will be entering the job market.

2. Protect your brand.

From the first moment of contact (usually the moment the candidate reads your post), you’ll be establishing a relationship between your brand and your target audience. So start strong and stay strong. Always treat your candidates with respect, and keep your selection process fair and pleasant. And of course, be ready to make a competitive offer when you find the candidate you’re looking for.

3. Know how to test and measure the skills you need.

Will you use tests during your selection process? Will you ask technical or behavior-based questions during your interviews? How will these questions help you assess the candidate’s readiness for the job at hand? Have answers to all of these questions in mind before you begin to draft your post.

4. Reach out for help.

An experienced staffing firm can help you identify and attract candidates with the application development, cyber security, or network management skills you need. Here at Expert, we know how to find and screen top technical employees who are looking for work on a part-time, full-time, temporary, permanent or contingency basis. We’ll help you develop the tests you need, conduct first round screenings, and even complete background checks before you make your final offer. Contact our office today and find out how we can help you staff your most challenging positions.

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