You know that your target position is perfect for you, and vice versa. You have all (or most) of the qualifications and credentials listed in the post, and this organizational culture seems like a perfect match for your personality. But how can you prove to your potential employers that this relationship is guaranteed win for both of you? Try these application tips.

Start with a killer resume summary.

Most of the resumes you submit during your job search will be more or less the same. You’ll probably start with a template document and make just a few one-or-two-word tweaks to customize each submission to the needs of a specific audience. But when you find your dream job, write your entire resume summary from scratch. Erase what you have and start over with this specific employer in mind. Draw clear connections between what they need and what you have to offer.

Do some research.

In order to highlight the perfect parallel between what you can do and what your employers need, you’ll need to learn as much as you can about this company, and that means looking beyond the job post. Visit the company website and try to assess the atmosphere and mission of this workplace. Describe how your skills and personality fit this model.

Use keywords.

If these employers use specific keywords in the job post or seem to like specific words and phrases, use these words and phrases as you make your pitch. This won’t just help you get past resume scanners, it can also help you grab a little extra attention and score you some points for going the extra mile.

Don’t neglect your cover letter.

Revisit your template cover letter and spend as much time as possible customizing your message to fit this opportunity. If these employers like specific traits—such as flexible attitude or a strong work ethic—make your case by quantifying your track record and telling stories drawn from your past experience. Don’t just call yourself a hard worker; provide clear evidence in support of this point.

Get ready for your interview.

Your resume might open the door of possibility, but you’ll need a great interview in order to walk through. Practice your 30-second speech (or “elevator pitch”) several times before your scheduled session. Tighten up your message and ask for feedback from family and friends. Focus on the skills and traits you bring to the table that no other candidate can.

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