You know that when it comes to hiring and staffing, you have plenty of tools in your toolkit and plenty of advantages working in your favor. Your hiring budget is stable, your HR team is a cut above, your salary and benefits packages are competitive, and you know how to reach out to your target candidates. But there’s one aspect of you hiring and staffing program you may not be seeing clearly: Your culture.

Your workplace culture can have a huge impact on your company’s reputation. And your company’s reputation can have a huge impact on the kinds of candidates who choose to work for you. If you look around your office and you’re not sure you like what you see, keep these considerations in mind.

A Positive Culture is Positive

That may sound like an empty tautology, but look closer. Too many employers are drawn into a backward idea of what makes a company culture attractive to job seekers; they think smart, ambitious, friendly candidates will want to work for a company that fosters aggressive internal competition or demands more from its employees than they’re willing to offer. This is simply not the case. Use your common sense and recognize that if your office is a pleasant place to be, employees will line up to get in. If it isn’t, they won’t. Reward teamwork, fairness, respect, and integrity.

Train Your Managers to be Mindful

In a positive and appealing company, managers reward effort and intention, not just results. They encourage growth, not just performance. They encourage risk, which often comes with failure, not the kind of fear and conventionality that lead to consistent mediocre success. They recognize their own internal biases and work hard to counter them. They monitor the quiet employees and solicit their input; they don’t just respond the squeaky wheels and the loudest shouters.

Keep Your Office Safe and Clean

These two seemingly small details—safety and cleanliness—appear to have a powerful influence over employee perceptions. Simply adding a safety rail to a stairway or promptly fixing a broken lightbulb can make workers feel that their employer truly cares about their well-being. And the more employees feel respected, the more respect they tend to offer to their employers, their clients, each other, and themselves. Respect and pride go hand in hand.

A Positive Culture Makes Work Fun

It’s true that most employees love surprise half-days. But they also love pizza in the breakroom, working remotely, a company-sponsored happy hour at the end of a long hard week, and hack days. There are more ways to have fun at work then just leaving work. Find clever ways to make this true. You know that you’re winning when your employees genuinely like and enjoy each other’s company, when they get lost in their tasks, and when they would rather be here than elsewhere.

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