When you’re ready to make a major career shift from one field or industry to another, the path isn’t always clear. As it happens, vertical career ladders tend to be cut and dried, and moving up often involves impressing superiors, taking on more responsibility, and gaining promotions within or beyond your current workplace. But lateral moves are harder.

Almost every working person climbs from the entry level to the mid-career rung eventually. But not everyone attempts a mid-career shift from education to manufacturing, or from healthcare to retail. And as you start planning your shift, you may benefit from the support and guidance of an experienced recruiter. Here’s how.

Recruiters have wide networks.

Most professional recruiters spend their days (and years) making strong connections and forming relationships in an ever-expanding professional network. And while many experienced pros focus on a narrow subsection of a narrow, specific field, they also maintain contacts with employers, workers, managers, and business decision makers across multiple industries. Their networks tend to be wide, deep, and stable. When you connect with a recruiter, you benefit from WHO they know, not just what they know.

Recruiters are excellent listeners.

Your circumstances may be complex. After all, if you’re making a career move from medical equipment sales to network administration, you probably have an excellent reason, and behind that reason there’s probably an interesting story. But don’t worry. A professional recruiter will listen to that story and read between the lines. Recruiters don’t get very far by tuning out, acting on assumptions, or interrupting candidates before they finish speaking. Clearly explain your needs and the details of your situation; your recruiter is listening.

Recruiters are excellent coaches.

You may not know much about your chosen field, and you may be embarking on the very first steps of what might be a long journey. But your recruiter can help you lay out a plan and follow through. If you’re just getting started, she can point you to the education, testing, and certification requirements you’ll need for success. And if you already have those credentials and you’re ready to hit the job market, she can help you understand what your target employers are looking for.

Recruiters can help you find work while you make your move.

You’ve left your old job behind, but you aren’t quite ready to search for a job in your new field; you still need a few years of school or a few months of training before you find your feet. But you’re in luck. An experienced recruiter can help you find temporary or transitional employment while you work toward your goals. Keep the paychecks coming while focus on your future career path. And when you’re ready to complete the shift, your recruiter can help you across the final bridge.

For more on how to complete your career transition with a little professional help, reach out to the team at Expert Staffing.

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