The holiday season is just around the corner, and if your business tends to experience a spike in traffic or new orders at this time of year, you may benefit from a few extra hands. The seasonal crush tends to impact companies in food and beverage, retail, and services that customers need during this busy time, which can involve anything from gift sales and distribution to entertaining and catering. Streets need to be cleared, decorations purchased and put in place, and both private individuals and big corporations need gifts, event planning services, food, and people to serve and prepare that food.

If you’ve been through the holiday rush before and your employees barely survived, that’s no good. It’s even worse if your lack of personnel caused you to turn down new orders or turn customers away. But a little temporary help can prevent that from happening again. Consider the benefits of holiday hiring.

Seasonal help can be deployed on short notice.

If you contact our office and arrange an appointment, we can provide the help you need. Even if you need that help immediately. We’ll listen to your needs and we’ll do everything we can to mobilize the staff that can help you stay afloat.

Temporary employees aren’t your employees.

Your temporary teams are managed and paid by the staffing agency, not by you. Not only does this remove the burden of payroll and tax reporting issues, it also frees your attention and time so you can focus fully on your business.

Contingency employees can become full time employees if you choose.

If your contingency or temporary workers thrive in your workplace and you value their efforts and contributions enough to take them on full time, you’ll be able to do so as soon as your contract period ends. Temporary employment allows both parties to test the relationship before making a long term commitment.

Contingency employees bring specific skill sets to the table.

“Temporary employees” used to suggest clerical or unskilled labor only. But that was a long time ago. These days, employment agencies can find and connect you to employees with highly specific skill sets; just let us know what your positions entail and explain the qualifications you’re looking for.

Temporary employees come with low risk.

Our temporary teams are thoroughly vetted and interviewed by our staff before they ever reach your door. And in the rare event of a mismatch, we’ll reassign your employee and provide a replacement.

For more on how to make it through the hectic holiday season without missing a beat, reach out to the staffing team at Expert.

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