You need to take on new staff, there’s no doubt about this. Your business is growing, your orders are increasing, and you need a few more pairs of hands on deck. In order to keep your company running, you also need periodic replacements for the staff members who leave or retire. But adding more names to your payroll isn’t as easy as it sounds; no matter your industry or the size of your company, the hiring process is almost always risky and expensive.

Your business cycle may also be uncertain, and in order to expand and contract your workforce as necessary, you need a hiring solution that will help you stay flexible and lean. Consider the benefits of a temp-to-hire arrangement based on a partnership with an experienced staffing agency.

1. Expertise

Here at Expert, we’ve been around for a long time, and during our years in the business we’ve had plenty of time to build an extensive network of industry connections. Our contacts are deep, wide, general, and specific, and if your ideal candidate is out there, we’ll find her. We use all the sourcing and selection resources at our disposal, including appropriate skills tests, screening methods and background checks, and we know how to target and pursue the candidates that best fit your needs.

2. Low Risk

We’ll pair you with the temporary candidate who meets your requirements, and if you get along and the match works beautifully, you’ll be able to hire your employee on a permanent basis as soon as her contract period ends. If the match doesn’t pan out for any reason, let us know and we’ll reassign this candidate and offer you a suitable replacement.

3. Low Hassle

Hiring isn’t just financially draining—it also takes up time and attention that you should be focusing on the daily demands of your business. When you partner with an agency like Expert, you can leave the payroll, tax reporting and other hassles to us. Until the end of the contract period, your employee is paid by the agency, not by you. You just handle coaching, training, and building a lasting relationship.

For more on how a temporary staffing agency can help you keep cost and risk under control as you grow your business, contact the Sugar Land staffing professionals at Expert.

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