Here at Expert, we often receive questions and comments from small businesses and hiring managers who have never engaged the services of a professional staffing agency. Many of the comments we hear sound something like this:

“I’m not sure why I need a staffing agency. I have five employees right now. I’m about to expand, but if I found those five, I’m sure I can personally handle the hiring for a staff three times that size…right?”

“I’m embarrassed to admit that I need help staffing my clinic/shop/warehouse. I want to focus my full attention on each open position and each candidate, but I just don’t have the time. Who will run my business while I do this?”

“I just don’t know if I need a staffing agency. I have a turnover problem/management problem/sourcing problem, but I just can’t tell if it’s time to get help. Maybe I should wait a little longer.”

If any of this sound like you, then it’s time to arrange a consultation and find out if an established, professional team of staffing and management experts can provide the candidates you’re looking for and the temporary or full-time help you need. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with a professional staffing agency:

Professional staffing is cost effective.

A staffing agency can help you save time…without cutting corners. Put your trust in our experts and we’ll help you find the candidates you’re looking for without pulling you away from other important responsibilities.

A professional staffing service can reduce hiring risk.

Hiring and selection are human endeavors, and they’re loaded with uncertainty and risk. What happens if you fall for a charming applicant only to find out – too late—that he doesn’t actually have the skills and cultural fitness that you need? When you work with a staffing service, you don’t have to worry. You can get to know the candidate during an extended trial period before you decide to shift to a permanent, full time relationship.

Staffing experts are great listeners.

When we sit down with you to assess your needs, we listen carefully, ask the right questions, and gain a complete picture of the position and your business model before we move forward with our search. This helps us target the right candidate the first time.

For more on how to determine if a staffing agency is the right choice for you, arrange a consultation with the staffing professionals at Expert. Call our office today!

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